Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Water Fall

I went to a waterfall from our school because we were learning about Fragile Environment. When I went to the waterfall I was so shocked because when I saw the waterfall it was so dirty. It was a little clean, but not as clean as the waterfall that I see at Puncak. I think it is because we don't care much about the environment. So please stop throwing rubbishes in the river or lake that is near or when you are hiking. If you also could, you can pick the rubbishes or cans that is in the river or the lake.

I felt really fun and also sometimes disappointed because I thought that a waterfall should be clean and clear, but it was not quiet as I expected. I also felt fun when I was climbing when I wanted to reach the waterfall. I also needed some rest when I was climbing because it was too far.

I learned that we have to take care of our environment well or we will have a very bad air and we won't have a clean water fall and a clean river. I really didn't care much about the environment before because I didn't go to the river many times than before, and now I think that I have to care more.

Now I am thinking and regretting that I couldn't do more better, So before you regret you could pick some rubbishes that is in the river. I also am trying to do better and pick rubbishes. If you already started it would be great.

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Jane Ross said...

Your score is 7/10. Next time try to give more examples about real events that happened on the trip.