Monday, May 26, 2008

Title: Water Pollution

We as humans, dump rubbish and oil into the sea without knowing it will effect the whole water. We just dump oil into the sea from farms, homes, factory, transportation and industries. It will also cause Water pollution( mostly ) when we dump it also at the rivers and lakes. Due to water, the water environment effects the sea creatures
and the bids flying over the seas.
Water Pollution
The percent of the seas problems...

Oil 45%
Wastes/ Rubbish 36%
Atmosphere 9%
Natural Sources 8%
Offshore Productions

How can we make it better?

We could prevent this from happening by:

Stop using too much oil and not throwing rubbish to much, and if you go fishing please don't throw cans or plastic on the ground. Also you could stop water pollution if you have a river or a lake in front of your house or near you could collect rubbish and stop throwing too much rubbish onto the river or the lake.We could also stop this by using less water from our toilets. such as; leaving your taps on while brushing your teeth or leaving the water on while you're taking a bath.

What will happen if the sea gets dirty?

If the sea will get dirty, there will be no sea creatures around. There will also no coral, reefs and other beautiful little creatures. We could also not eat fishes and crabs, lobsters and rays. Also we can not swim in the beaches and we can not surf in the sea. We will also not be able to dive if the sea is too oily.

Title: Water Pollution

The animals that will be affected.

The animals will get affected because sea creatures habitat are seas. The fishes will no longer have a place too stay so they won't be able to have food so they will die. And the body of the fish will get rotten so it will affect the other sea creatures and the sharks will no longer to eat fishes so the sharks will die and the sharks body will also get rotten. This is one example that what will happen if we don't take care of our environment.
Title: Water Pollution


So we have to keep the sea for this very reasons. Please keep it clean or we can't have the sea creatures and the magnificent reefs. If you want to go diving and swim in the beaches. Please keep the rivers and lakes and seas that are in your environment clean.

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