Sunday, April 13, 2008

This is my national anthem,
Tromblod Bangula(anthem- in our language)

Our land is crystal clear,
Everybody will fear,
In the sounds of the sea,
Everybody will be free,

Trombold- Trombold
The land built nature
Trombold- Trombold-
The land with perfect legislature

All will praise our lord,
With burning swords,
God will make us king,
And we will sing to him,


E3 Students said...

Your national anthem is cool.You should come to my blog.

I am from e3. from Jasmine

E3 Students said...

Hi Suah!
I love your national anthem. The words are very creative and interesting.
Just so you know I am from E3 in New Zealand.
From Alana

E3 Students said...

Hi.Ijust read the national anthem it is very cool.

I am from e3 I am Jasmine